Job Details

Position:         Sr. Rotating Equipment Engineer

Job Description:


To execute, coordinate and support the activities related to the overhaul, revamp, up-rate, troubleshooting and studies related to rotating equipment in all plants within Gasco.



  •  Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent and minimum 5 years’ experience in oil & gas




The Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer reports to the Rotating Equipment Engineering Department Head (TSR) within TS Division.

The availability and reliability of a gas plant depends heavily on the overall performance of rotating equipment. Therefore, the Rotating Equipment is the driving force in developing and shaping the shutdowns of all GASCO plants, by arranging, managing and ensuring the availability of capital insurance spares as per the five year shutdown plan.

The importance generates not only from the fact that unscheduled shutdowns as a result of trips may cause considerable production losses, but it extends to the fact that failure of such equipment, may seriously affect the safety of the personnel and integrity of the gas plants. Furthermore, any upset to GASCO’s production as a result of unreliable machinery can affect upstream oil & gas operating companies and downstream Users.

In order to meet such high demands and expectations of GASCO’s Shareholders and to allow other onshore oil and gas operating companies to maintain their normal level of production, maximum care in developing the maintenance practices and the overhaul requirements must be exercised by the job holder.


  • To develop the annual and long-term budget for operating and capital requirements of the rotating equipment machinery covering all GASCO plants and to execute activities related to such budget ensuring that effective utilization and control is implemented.
  • To develop and update M & I policy and DGS related to rotating equipment.
  • To develop scope of work for repair / overhaul of rotating equipment and evaluation of the bids technically, commercially and delivery terms.
  • To develop long term service agreements with main equipment suppliers & established non-OEM service providers for utilization of specialist services and refurbishment of capital insurance spares.
  • To ensure that the quality of repairs and overhauls by various manufacturers and non-OEM service providers are in line with the agreed standards.
  • To assist plants in identifying solutions to the recurring chronic problems which require in depth investigation & liaise with Original Equipment Manufacturers (if required) to ensure effective solutions.
  • To coordinate studies related to feasibilities, life assessment, obsolescence, upgrades, future strategies and appraise equipment manufacturers recommendation related to new technologies aiming to improve reliability, availability and performance of the rotating equipment with optimised operating cost.
  • To provide technical advice on the rotating equipment to various operating, engineering, projects and training departments / divisions. 
  • To prepare data sheets / specifications, finalize sizing, layout, estimate capacity and power requirement for rotating equipment & systems involving rotating equipment,
  • To prepare Request For Quotations (RFQs) and Purchase Requisitions, evaluate technical offers from bidders, technical query sheets and review vendor documents and attend clarification meetings in co-ordination with project divisions on issues related to rotating equipment
  • To review capital spares inventory for rotating equipment ensuring that optimum levels are maintained and to order replacement as per 5-year business plan.
  • To support planning engineer with preparation of Long Term Maintenance of Rotating equipment, effective history & record keeping of the rotating equipment and to utilise such records to plan proper replacement of aged parts.
  • Prepare contract acquisition plan for subsequent years and five year business plan for capital purchase of the rotating equipment items
  • To provide support to plant & project divisions in execution of various specialized upgrade/revamp projects.